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Mount Olympus Mount Olympus

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I know, I know. How dare I give you a 2.5! I am here to give 'constructive criticism' though. The beat overall was actually pretty good, but the drums threw it off. They went against the grain and just seemed unnatural (forced a little even). I think with a little tweaking, it could jump to a 4 star easily! What program did you use for this?

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Agent64 responds:

I used Audacity, that's why the drumming sucks lol XD
I didn't actually use real drums, I just sampled different types of drums (snare, base, symbal, etc.) from a few songs' isolated drum tracks and tried to make them match the song (I obviously didn't do a great job).
I do however plan to re-upload this with some tweaks, however.
But anyways, thanks for the review. I don't mind you giving me 2.5 stars, because this really is only a 2.5-star song nonetheless. ;)
Plus, I really like constructive criticism, because it contributes to my improvement.

Race for Revenge(Trailer) Race for Revenge(Trailer)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I pictured a really bad dude, walking (shown in slow-motion) with a gun held high. It flowed nicely and was well balanced.

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KevinKerrMusic responds:

It was inspired by the New E3 2014 MGSV:The Phantom Pain Trailer (not by how it sounds)
So, I wouldn't be surprised if that came through!

Thanks for the feedback! =D